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Last Official Update: October 15 (Huntmoon 12), 2004 - the Zemrin

[If you create a new page or make significant changes to an old one, please list it in the list of unofficial updates.]


Table of Contents

This is the Encyclopædia Delyrica - a central repository for all information pertaining to the world of Delyria and its people, places, culture, history, and other kinds of trivia. If you're new to the Wiki, here's the idea: anyone can edit any page (including this one!). Don't worry if this sounds like it'd open the doors to all kinds of abuse; the system keeps backup copies of every version of every page, so if something goes wrong, the administrators can simply roll the damage back.

Feel free to leave comments and questions on the pages themselves, after the "comments" section break.


Also, please sign your comments (although I can tell who changed a page when, it'll help the flow of the comments section if they're marked) -- Ben Yackley

This is a cool idea, Ben. All of you reading this right now need to register first over in the upper right-hand corner. It'll only take a few seconds. :)
-Arc Nova

Mmm. First time I've really seen anything like this, and it seems like a GREAT idea. At least judging from the stuff we've got knocking around on the forum, we've got quite a bit of combined knowledge on that world in your head.
- Koji

The DoR likes. It's an excellent idea, and useful, too. Quick, simple, easy...and it looks cool. I can't think of any more compliments, but I'm sure there are some.
- Death of Rats

All right. This is a seriously decent proposal. The idea I might be able to access information I deem necessary in the writing of fiction about Delyria, or to further some idea I wish to pursue research I heartily endorse.
--WalksFar. . . .

Shouldn't this page have a list of major topics, so we don't have to click "Page List" to get into the actual Encyclopædia? Should I add one?
Oh, and I love this concept.

Being the enthusiastic fellow that I am, I made this. Perhaps it's not necessary, but I like to contribute something if I can.
-Wyrm (Sorry about the multiple edits. I hit the wrong key and kinda fumbled things.)

I've put a link to the Table of Contents at the top of the page as well.--Atxil 12/03/04

Made the Table of Contents more obvious. Added link to list of unofficial updates and note asking for it to be used. -Wyrm 12/27/04

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